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Chromazura Productions specialises in telling the journeys individuals and  collective people go through or the stories they want to tell.

Get in touch if you have a story you're interested in sharing.


The Journey North (2022) 
a football docuseries

Docuseries produced by Chromazura Productions to elevate the presence of amateur women's football in the media. The series was also created to showcase the journeys of individuals and why they play at the amateur level, and the benefits that you can get out of the beautiful game. 

Chromazura Productions  produced  the docuseries and all accompanying social media to promote the series.

​Watch the series.

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The Journey North Promotional Video

The Journey North Episodes

The Journey North - Episode 11 Tara

Case Studies

With CORE Education, we have produced many case study documentaries in the education sector.

The GLAM Sector

The following video was created to educate teachers and students on  the variety of ways students can be involved and interested in museums. We did filming on site at Waitangi and edited the video.

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